One In A Million

The hook

Young lovers struggle to come to grip with his physical wounds and their psychic ones.

Short synopsis

Ally Palmer looks to take her young son and flee a disastrous first love. Tyler "Tiger" Sparks vows to kill himself before January. They meet in an empty parking lot one night and neither's life will ever be the same.

Detailed synopsis

Ally Palmer has decided she must leave town to heal from her ill-fated first love. Tyler "Tiger" Sparks has resolved to kill himself before January.

When Ally tries to discard the unneeded trappings of her old life at a Salvation Army store, she finds herself in the wrong place and the wrong time. Or does she? As Ally is attacked in the empty parking lot, a lonely runner comes to her rescue -- clad not in shining armor, but facial scars. A Taekwondo teacher, motorcycle rider, and investment telemarketer, Tiger is a man of hidden talents -- and fears.  

The last thing Ally saw before darkness closed in was a fractured and shattered face. A sort of Cubist nightmare, etched not in paint and canvas but flesh and bone. Who was the stranger who had rescued her from the attackers who stood between Ally and her resolution to leave town in order to heal from her failed first love with the father of her beloved son Cody? Waking in the hospital, her eyes bandaged, she "saw" Tyler for the first time with her fingers.

As she reached toward him, Tyler had an absurd vision that if Ally touched his face, he would crumble to dust. He felt hollow, an empty shell of a person. For years, no one but his Taekwondo students had touched him. All those doctors, their clinical touch, a childhood memory Tyler preferred to forget.

What were the odds they could overcome the pain of the past, juggle the demands of the present, and find a future that was more than either could hope for?

One In A Million is the story of the unexpected turns Ally and Tyler face as they overcome their differences, come to grips with the buried wounds that haunt each of them, and find their way to a brighter future.


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