Hit Or Miss

The hook

Secret Service agent kills the president. Assassin, terrorist or patsy?

Short synopsis

July Fourth, a hot summer day in rural Ohio. Tom Crosley, Secret Service agent in charge of the President's security on a campaign visit, sees a man pull a pistol from his pocket and aim it at the President. Trained like few other professionals, Tom pulls his own pistol to shoot the attacker, fires and...misses. The bullet instead kills the President.

A seemingly open and shut case, both Crosley's dogged lawyer, Tracy Drew, and a secret FBI investigation team zero in on the truth behind the most notorious crime of the century.

Detailed synopsis

Tom Crosley of the Secret Service has had many a bad day on the job in the past, but never like this one on July the Fourth in Washington Court House, Ohio. During a campaign rally, while attempting to protect his charge, POTUS, the President of the United States, Tom sees a man pull a gun and try to shoot the President. A voice in his head says Shoot him! so Crosley pulls his own weapon, fires, and…misses. Instead, his bullet strikes the President, killing him instantly. This can’t be happening again. Not after all these years.

Arrested and charged with assassinating the President, Crosley and his defense team, headed by the incredibly talented, Tracey Drew — whose beauty is a source of consternation to Tom’s wife, Jennifer — and her crack investigator, Jim Reno, reach back twenty-three years into Tom’s past in a struggle to learn the terrible truth of that hot July day.

Did Crosley simply miss his intended target? Did his sweaty finger slip on the trigger? Was he really trying to kill the President? Did he act alone or was he part of a vaster conspiracy, and if so was he a willing participant or patsy?

Special Agents Franklin Bostick and Tricia Lindhurst of the FBI head the government’s investigation. What seems an open and shut case will lead them from law officers rubber stamping Tom’s obvious guilt to off the book sleuths searching for the vital missing links that will expose a conspiracy unheralded in American history.

From the College World Series of Baseball to the Persian Gulf on the eve the First Gulf War, Virginia, Lexington horse country, Denver, Lake Michigan, and finally to Blue Jacket, an Indian dead two hundred years, Hit Or Miss will take you on a journey far from bucolic Ohio.

It’s a ride sure to fire your imagination as you eventually learn the truth of the who, the why and the how. Join me as you learn what kind of man Tom Crosley ultimately was, is and will become.


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